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Imitation parts and inferior replacement parts


Bulletin Today, March 5, 1982
by Roberto C. Bernardo

Very recently, Diesel Kiki Co., Ltd., the largest maker of fuel injection equipment in Japan and ranked No. 3 in the world, conducted a comparative study on imitation and inferior replacement parts mostly available in the Philippine market today.

(Diesel Kiki Co., Ltd. Is the maker of the fuel injection equipment originally installed in most diesel engines in the Philippines today like Isuzu , Hino, Nissan,Mazda, etc., in cooperation with their local agent, Malabon Diesel Injection Service.)

Among others, it was found that imitation parts and inferior replacement parts do not conform with the strict acceptable standard of the original. Most of them do not observe the critical clearances, the material quality and dimension required to support the very high technical specification of Diesel Kiki made fuel equipment.

This condition has resulted in premature breakdowns and totally bad performance of the diesel engine.

The common problem and other more serious ones previously discussed in this column could very well have been caused by these imitations and inferior replacement parts.

Note that undesirable properties of said parts do not affect the fuel injection equipment only but could very well cause extensive damage to the engine in general.

The use of diesel- fueled engine could very simple and economical from the point of view of maintenance; but with improper care, it could be very unreasonably e