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Common Symptoms of Fuel Injection Equipment Problems



Bulletin Today, February 26, 1982
by Roberto C. Bernardo

The following are some of the most common symptoms of diesel engine problems that may be attributed to the fuel equipment, the injection pump, and the nozzles:

Black smoke; high fuel consumption; inadequate power, hard starting; noise knocking; uneven, rough or unsteady idling; engine overheating; high engine oil consumption; and failure of starter to crank.

When any of the above is observed, the unit or the vehicle must be brought to a qualified fuel injection equipment repair and service shop for a more thorough diagnosis and examination of a possible fuel injection equipment problem.

Some of the problems mentioned above could also be symptoms of other problems that may not be attributable to the fuel injection equipment. It would always be advisable and economical if the vehicle itself, and not only the injection pump unit as the costumary practice, be brought whenever possible to the service shop for a more thorough diagnosis and examination.

A really good and qualified fuel injection equipment service or repair shop should be able to tell whether the problem is with the fuel injection equipment or the engine or somewhere else. In many cases, it is not necessary to pull out or touch your fuel injection equipment.

You will note that for the proper diagnosis of the above-mentioned diesel problems, the fuel injection repair or service shops, commonly known as calibration shops, are mentioned in particular because repair and servicing require very high technical expertise. It is a specialized field of servicing and not all diesel engine mechanics are sufficiently equipped to handle it.

Lest you forget, the fuel injection equipment is the heart of the diesel engine; it is comparable to that of the human being the ailment of which not all medical practitioners, hospitals or clinics are sufficiently equipped to handle.