EPS 619 Conventional Pump Test Bench

Heavy Duty Injection PumpTest Bench for Your Workshop

The 12-cylinder Bosch EPS 619 test bench offers adequate drive power, high torque with even-running characteristics and exact speed control for accurate testing of mechanical and electronic1 in-line and distributor-type diesel injection pumps.


Perfect for those wanting to (1) upgrade their existing diesel calibration business, (2) extend the range of services of their existing engine repair and rebuilding shop...and (3) who believe in the fast-growing opportunities in diesel.

When we invest on new equipment and upgrades, the intention is always to “future proof” our business. A true partner, we always present practical and affordable equipment packages that we are sure can be recovered fast and will give you comparative advantage – Having what the market needs that only you can offer in your area. You will be buying not only the (1) equipment, but also (2) very important test data, (3) complete product repair training, (4) technical support that has no equal, and as an acccredited Bosch Service workshop, (5) excellent Bosch marketing support. In short, capability to offer your customers the best service.

Who can provide the right equipment to repair the diesel injection pumps and injectors that Bosch and Zexel produce? Who has the test data that will guarantee correct calibration of the pump and injectors, thus the best engine performance? We want it to be you.

Who can teach you how to properly repair those? Who will stick by your side as you grow your business? Bosch PH and DieselKing/Malabon Diesel will.

Bosch makes it possible for you to master modern diesel systems and to take advantage of new turnover potential!

The Bosch EPS619 BDS package

Everything you need to properly repair popular diesel fuel injection components. The minimum you need to be accredited as a Bosch Diesel Service (BDS) workshop.

The EPS619 testbench with:

  1. 6pcs Test Pipe for P-type pumps
  2. 6pcs Test Nozzle Holder Assembly for P-type pumps
  3. 6pcs Test Pipe for A-type pumps
  4. 6pcs Test Nozzle Holder Assembly for A-type pumps
  5. 6pcs Test Pipe for VE-type pumps
  6. 6pcs Test Nozzle Holder Assembly for VE-type pumps
  7. ESItronic A - Vehicle Equipment
  8. ESItronic C - KTS5XX/6XX Vehicle Diagnostics + SIS
  9. ESItronic D - Diesel Spare Parts
  10. ESItronic K - Component Repair Instructions
  11. ESItronic W - Diesel Test Data
  12. ESItronic ZD - Zexel Diesel Spare Parts
  13. ESItronic ZW - Zexel Diesel Test Data
  14. EFEP60H Nozzle Tester
  15. ISO 4113 Calibration Oil.
  16. Testbench and ESItronic installation/commissioning
  17. One (1) year warranty against manufacturing defect
  18. Technical support that has no equal -- from both Bosch PH and DieselKing. Bosch maintenance service contract and testbench audits from the 2nd year onwards, available.
  19. One to two (1-2) days training on operations and maintenance provided free of charge.
  20. Diesel fuel injection (EP) certificate training courses regularly offered at the Bosch Training Center in Pasong Tamo, Makati.

What can all these do for you?

The hardware and ESItronic software and test data will permit you to simulate all necessary operating states of normal vehicle operation. For engine equipped with conventional pumps for example, you would be surprised how many setting are important to assure that everything is within the specifications set by both the engine and fuel injection system manufacturer -- like fuel quantity at full load, maximum setting, full speed regulation/governing, idle, starting, and everything in between, cut-off setting to avoid engine over-runs, internal pressure and injection timing, among others. Wala nang backjob as you have all information to bring any pump and injector back to original settings...before the pump is dismounted from the testbench.

Everything you need to properly repair or calibration diesel pumps and injectors. Equipment that will not drain your cash flow. Superior equipment that would help you jump ahead of the pack…and stay ahead.

Please click here for the EPS619 brochure.

1 Electronic pumps require specific test controllers ie COVEC for Japan-domestic Pajero and Serena, TICS for Isuzu Giga, H-pump/in-line EDC for MAN auxilliary engines, rotary EDC for BMW cars and VW Caravelle, and many others. When you get a good feel of your market, upgrades are easy and affordable.

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