Counterfeit Items and the New Zexel "Anti-Fake" Packaging Featured

Heads up!

Bosch Philippines encountered another batch of counterfeit products in the automotive aftermarket. We would like to encourage everyone to strongly disagree and reject these Bosch fakes.

Recent reports are for Horns, Wipers and Diesel parts. But note that there are also for Filters and Relays.

Last year around November, Bosch issued the New Zexel Nozzle "ANTI-FAKE" Packaging for Diesel parts. This new parts will feature the same grey-blue Zexel packaging but will have a UNIQUE SECURITY LABEL that will help prevent counterfeits.

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How to spot a Fake Relay

bosch fake 2


Counterfeit horn using Bosch brand name

bosch fake 3


bosch fake 4



You get what you pay for.

More than product quality and durability, you are buying vehicle uptime (for the end-user) and good company image (for the talyer and diesel shop). A P100 quick repair savings versus a P100,000 backjob bill down the road.

There are many reasons why fakes and replacements are priced lower than genuine Bosch and Zexel parts.

Like what your father always say, "if the price is too good to be true..."

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