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Even old master diesel technicians need to get updated regularly. Change or be changed!

At the end of the day, Obet was able to use the ESI[tronic] to look for service information like repair instructions, test specifications, system information, wiring diagram, etc for new vehicles. Any serious vehicle technician should consider enrolling.

obet dg1Roberto "Obet" Bernardo at the Bosch Training Center in Kamagong St., Makati, under the tutelage of Bosch Service Manager Frederick Velasquez and Diagnostic Equipment Sales Officer Joel Alibanto. It's a special workshop on the ESI[tronic] and Electronic Control Unit (ECU) Diagnosis for gas and diesel vehicles using the Bosch KTS series ECU analyzer.

Then, to complete the module, consider the Automotive Electronics series: Basic Electrics & Electronics (AE-1), Energy Supply and Starter Servicing (AE-2) and Measurement and Testing Technique (AE-3). These courses will help the serious technician:

  1. Know the basic functions of electrical and electronic components such as resistor, inductor, transistor, temperature sensor and diode.
  2. Know how basic electrical and electronics apply in diagnostic or modern vehicle.
  3. Know how automotive electrical power supplies work: Battery structures, testing and maintenance; Automotive starting and charging system; and Testing and repair of starter motor and alternator.
  4. Diagnose and troubleshoot the electronic components in the vehicle with diagnosis and measuring technique and tools such as multimeter, engine testers, oscilloscope.
  5. Understanding of electrical circuit diagrams. Function and diagnosis of automotive sensors and actuators of various vehicle systems.
  6. Explanation of various output and input signal. Display, control adjustments, settings and test methods of an oscilloscope.
  7. Waveforms interpretation, analysis and viewing techniques. Practical task will be carried out using Bosch oscilloscope equipment (KTS650, FSA series, etc.)